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Over the years I have operated a small landscaping service, distributed
newspapers as a contract worker, assisted a private investor in the operation
of his company, and have generally been self-employed operating my own
business or working on a contract basis in West San Jose, California, and
more recently in Manassas, Virginia. I currently work from an office at home
in the Phoenix Metro area of Arizona.

From the 2000s my use of spreadsheets began as a way to manage finances
using double-entry accounting rules. With basic programing skills acquired at
De Anza College using an IBM 370 desktop terminal and writing algorithms,
I was able to apply principles from accounting and programing to design the
Financial Spreadsheets on sale here.

They have been tested many times to verify the spreadsheets individually and
as a group, function properly to produce accurate results. Most of this testing
was done by entering multiple sets of sample data into every available input
cell, then reading the results on every data output cell in the workbook. An
example test is available at the following link:   Testing Example.

My name is Ron Garrett. These spreadsheets can help anyone manage their
finances with greater control, and for a lower price than expensive online
programs. With regular use the products sold here cost $0.00.  

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