Books on Finance

The following 2 books represent a starting point for understanding personal
finances. They are available from online book sellers, and may be available
at the local library.

Title -- The Millionaire Next Door
Author -- Thomas Stanley and William Danko
Publisher -- Taylor Trade Publishing, 2010

Title -- Personal Finance For Dummies, 8th Edition
Author -- Eric Tyson
Publisher -- Wiley, 2015

The first book, "The Millionaire Next Door", is a study of households in the
United States who are worth atleast one million dollars. The ideas expressed
in this book show how ordinary people of every income level can take control
of their financial future.

The second book, "Personal Finance For Dummies", is more practical and
covers topics in three areas:

1.How to save money when you control spending, cut debt, and lower taxes.
2.Where to invest your savings in various types of investments available.
3.Protecting yourself and your property with insurance.

The Financial Spreadsheets for sale here can be used in dealing with the first
2 goals of saving money and investing for the future.

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